Why Study in Portugal: 7 Best Reasons to Study

It boasts the same sunlight as Spain, mouthwatering cuisine as Italy, and superb wine as France. Despite all of this, the beers are equally delicious, if not better, than those in Greece. Portugal does not require comparisons with other nations, but when it is, it excels.

Portugal has a long history of offering excellent graduate degree options. The most popular place in Europe for overseas students looking to study is Portugal. Studying abroad, more and more international students are opting to study in Lisbon, Portugal. Numerous Portuguese universities are connected to the Erasmus project of the European Union (EU), which facilitates student exchanges. As a result, international students study alongside Portuguese students at these universities. You are also provided with feature-rich Student Accommodation Lisbon

If you are still not sure why you should choose Portugal for your higher studies, take a look at the comprehensive list of top reasons to study in Portugal provided below.

Portugal: Why to study here?

Portugal is among the best places in Europe for foreign students to study. Portugal is a popular destination for students seeking higher education for a number of reasons. We’ve outlined some of the key justifications for studying in Portugal below:

The top universities

Numerous colleges in Portugal have stunning and historic campuses that are ideally situated in the city centre while still having lots of open space and greenery. There are prestigious universities with a stellar international reputation spread around the nation.

Seven Portuguese universities are among the top universities in the world according to the QS World University Ranking 2021. Here is a list of these seven universities:

  •         The University of Lisbon is ranked at 357
  •         The University of Porto is ranked at =357
  •         Universidade Nova de Lisboa is ranked at =428
  •         The University of Coimbra is ranked at 431
  •         The University of Aveiro is ranked at 581-590
  •         The University of Minho is ranked at 591-600
  •         Universidade Católica Portuguesa – UCP is ranked at 801-1000

The education system in Portugal

Portugal is one of the Bologna Process signatories. As a result, it maintains the European norm for higher education. Portugal offers all graduate degrees, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral. Your career will advance thanks to your degree from the University of Portugal.


Studying overseas in Europe can be a costly endeavour. As a result, students on a limited budget will be pleased to learn that living expenses in Portugal are really reasonable. Portugal, especially its capital city of Lisbon, boasts some of the lowest cost of living in all of Western Europe. A sit-down lunch will cost students between $9 to $12.50, while groceries and housing are usually not too expensive. Students have several opportunities to purchase needs at a reasonable cost, such as the bustling outdoor markets in cities.

Learn Portuguese – a global language

Though Portugal is one of the few countries in Europe where people would really try to understand you if you speak to them in English, Spanish, or even Russian, you will still learn some basic Portuguese if you study there. Gaining fluency in Portuguese, the sixth most spoken language in the world, can help you network with people across four continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America) and improve your résumé once you graduate.

Acquiring language skills while travelling overseas can also help you settle into the new way of life and academic environment.

The climate, of course!

Lisbon, the sunniest capital city on the continent, is located on the western edge of Europe and experiences typical temperatures of about 20°C (68°F). With an average of almost 200 days of sunlight annually, the city’s pleasant weather will catch your attention right away.

In general, Portugal experiences hot summers and mild winter temperatures. Portugal is therefore a great choice if you’re seeking for some winter sun!

Portugal has a warm welcome for visitors

The Portuguese are renowned for having a kind demeanour. Locals will welcome you with open arms. This nation views every visitor as a valued guest, regardless of whether they are tourists, students or outsiders. They will support and aid you during your entire stay in Portugal. Isn’t that wonderful? You will have no trouble adjusting to your new nation thanks to its friendly culture. There are many student-friendly areas where you will find student apartments Lisbon according to your budget and needs.

It opens up doors for your future

It’s true what you’ve heard about the severe financial crisis and the historically high jobless rates. However, the truth is that there are prospects available here for those who study in Portugal. There are several small businesses and start-ups that would be delighted to have you join their team while you complete your degree. Regardless of the language you speak, these businesses that are looking to expand globally will find value in it. After graduating, if you work hard at networking, learn Portuguese, and obtain good grades, you’ll find that opportunities are opening up for you both in the local start-up scene and in larger international companies in some of the monster economies of the new world, like Brazil and Angola.