What Are the Top Link Research Tools for SEO?

Link Research Tools for SEO

The prospects related to link building opportunities & thereby speeding up the process of reaching towards webmasters which in turn drives the links back to the concerned website is a most sought after process in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is true that this can be done for free; however, there are few great tools which could make the entire process even more smooth and efficient to handle. These tools for SEO not only assist in making SEO operations better but also improve the rate at which the operations are performed i.e. making the entire process much faster. Following are the 5 Best link research tools which could enable a person to take the entire process of link building up to another level –

The tool mentioned above is actually a form of website browser which enables the user to view the sites that are linking up to the computer. It also gives a measure of the difficulty level for beating them regarding SERPs. It also presents new sets of opportunities through which links could be built back to one’s own site. The program also offers a kind of free report for any site controlled by the user.

Before presenting the contents of this particular tool, it has to be borne in mind that the Raven Tools’ features aren’t cheap at all with plans starting at $99/month. This particular feature enables to specifically put your attention to the company’s Link Manager Program. This enables the user to get hold of probable link partners, get access to contact information related to webmaster & also has an option to send link request messages in the standard format. These could be done with the assistance of the easy to navigate window.

The features offered by the SEOMoz Open Site Explorer are almost similar to that Majestic SEO. This allows the user to enter the competitors’ websites into the tool and in turn, much more focus could be given towards their inbound links, linking domains, etc. Furthermore, it allows other forms of access such as including data which is shared on social engines like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Market Samurai is considered mostly as a keyword research tool and one of the best tools for SEO. However, it has some modules which make it all the more worthwhile for link research tools. Especially the feature called “FIND CONTENT’ is one of the prime features that the tool has. It allows tracking down blogs, other web resources. The feature has a one-time fee of $149. This one time actually makes this tool a better option than most of the other ones.

It is probably the best online tool related to link researching ever made. The program has a feature called Backlink Analysis which provides the luxury of having an unprecedented amount of information related to inbound links of a site. This also includes link’s ALR rating. This tool also allows prioritising prospects related to links and also makes sure that bigger gains emerge out when the user gets in touch with the site.

Hence it could be said, that, with the help of the tools for SEO mentioned above, life could be much smarter & easier when it comes to link research tools. Don’t wait. Just get your hands on them & I am sure you will love it.