Roadside Advocacy: The Top Chicago Car Accident Lawyers At Your Service

Sadly, car accidents are common and can happen to anyone. The odds are even higher if you live in a busy city like Chicago. Knowing how to handle the aftermath- the tougher part of an accident- is very important.

Let’s face it: handling everything yourself, from arguing in court to getting compensated, is hard. No matter how savvy you are, that’s like rubbing salt into a painful wound. At this challenging moment, you need a buddy who will do everything to get you through the bumpy journey of a car accident.

An expert car accident lawyer is the support system you need. But here’s the kicker: not all lawyers are cut out of the same cloth. That’s why linking up with the best lawyer in Chicago, someone who truly understands you and knows all the ins and outs of car accident law, is crucial. To find a reliable lawyer easily, here’s a rundown of the top 5 Chicago car accident lawyers ready to help.

1. The Kryder Law Group

For some good reasons, the Kryder Law Group clinches the #1 position in our list of the best Chicago lawyers. Steered by Andrew S. Kryder, the law firm boasts an impressive 20+ years of delivering excellent services in accident and injury. Their success story makes them stand above the pack, securing up to $100 million in compensation.

Something to love about The Kryder is their dedication to their clients. They understand the importance of tailoring services and will discuss it with you to ensure your needs are well addressed.

Additionally, they have an open-door policy that reinforces communication. So, apart from communicating with you over the phone while handling your case, they encourage you to visit them, and the meeting can be arranged in under 48 hours.

For an outstanding law firm that values you, understands what you are going through, and uses a client-centric approach to offer solutions, The Kryder is your ultimate Chicago car accident lawyer.

2. Sherwood Law Group

Sherwood Law Group is a family law firm and one of the best in personal injury in Chicago. The firm prides itself on top-notch with its remarkable responsiveness and access to well-versed attorneys who offer their clients the best possible representation.

Sherwood has the necessary skills and experience and a stellar track record in roadside advocacy. They have a strong professional team dedicated to delivering tailored services to even the most complex car accident cases. As a result, the firm has consistently grown over the past years.

3. The Judson Graham Law Firm

Judson Graham Law Firm helps with personal injury, wrongful death, and other legal problems in car accidents. As an experienced lawyer, he offers legal counsel anchored on proper client education to help you understand your rights and legal options.

With experience handling diverse personal injury cases, Judson knows well what it takes to win. And, by not taking overwhelming numbers of cases, he has a team dedicated to giving you all the legal help you need.

The firm is into other areas, including ride-sharing mishaps, bike accidents, and medical malpractices. Having Judson and his team by your side makes your legal troubles easier, increasing the chances of a win.

4. Malman Law

Malman Law is yet another unrivaled legal firm and one of the top in Chicago that has been
around since 1994. Led by Attorney Steven J. Malman, the firm specializes in personal injury
and is dedicated to delivering the best representation to its clients through the hurdles of
personal injury claims.

Their strategic approach to each case and excellent negotiation skills are behind their success in thousands of cases. Malman Law has handled over 25,000 personal injury lawsuits settling out of the court. Among the many victories are multimillion-dollar resolutions, which speak to their ability to secure you a substantial award.

With a downtown location in Chicago and 24/7 access, you can reach them anytime and get your concerns addressed. They also place priority on client consultation to ensure they get everything right. Once on board, they give your case all the seriousness it takes to guarantee your desired outcomes.

5. Staver Personal Injury Law Firm

Last but not least is Staver Personal Injury Lawyers- a team of pros in personal injury. These folks have been around for some time, offering tailored services to their clients. That means they listen first, then give you advice and available legal options ideal for your case. Throughout the litigation, don’t expect the stress of being left in the dark; they keep you informed, ensuring you know all the trunks the case takes.

And here’s something to like about them: more than 3,500 folks have passed through their hands. Their excellent services have earned recognition from various professional legal bodies. Staver Personal Injury Lawyers is one of Chicago’s best car accident law firms with an established track record and dedication to clients.


Accidents can catch you by surprise no matter how long you’ve cruised the road. While it can be another person’s fault, you are left to suffer physical pain and unexpected bills. For this reason, you need a dependable car accident lawyer.

When picking a lawyer, take your time to find the best. You want a lawyer with a perfect mix of skill, experience, and unwavering commitment- something you don’t get in a rush. You’re not just after legal representation; you need a buddy who’s got your back and will hand you the victory you desperately desire.