Modifications That Homes in Hurricane-Prone Areas Need

Being prepared for hurricane season is a necessity for homeowners in hurricane-prone areas to protect their investments and ensure the safety of their families. Making the modifications that homes in hurricane-prone areas need is essential for maximized safety and reduced damage. Let’s dive into four key modifications that can help protect your home from this unfavorable weather event.

Reinforced Roofing

During a hurricane, your roof is the first line of defense against high winds and torrential rainfall. Therefore, having a robust and well-constructed roof is vital. Reinforced roofing involves high-quality, hurricane-resistant materials and securing the roof deck and shingles to the structure. Roof reinforcements also include the addition of truss bracing and supports for gable ends, ensuring your roof can endure high winds and protect your home.

Storm Shutters and Impact Windows

Windows are the most vulnerable parts of a home during a hurricane. Strong winds can break windows, allowing water and debris to enter. Storm shutters and impact windows are modifications that provide additional protection against hurricane-force wind, flying debris, and potential intrusions. Impact-resistant windows are laminated glass with a plastic interlayer that has a proven record of withstanding the impact of hurricane-generated debris. Storm shutters, on the other hand, attach to the exterior of your home and can roll down or engage to shield the windows from the brunt of a storm.

Secure Doors and Garage

Like windows, doors are also vulnerable to high-velocity winds and flying debris. Strengthening your home’s entry points by installing impact-resistant entry and garage doors can help prevent wind and water damage. But don’t stop at the doors themselves—your hurricane doors need extra strong hinges and other hardware to minimize the chances of failing under strong winds. You can also reinforce garage doors with bracing kits designed to prevent failure during extreme winds.

Making the modifications that homes in hurricane-prone areas need can significantly decrease the risk of damage and help protect your investment. Reinforced roofing, storm shutters, impact windows, and secure doors are all vital features that can safeguard your home during hurricane season. Don’t wait until a hurricane is approaching; start preparing your home today for a safer tomorrow.