Making Sense of Chatter: Analyzing Social Media Inputs Using AI

Analyzing Social Media Inputs Using Artificial Intelligence

Analyzing Social Media Inputs Using AI

More organizations are hosting their products and services on Social Media channels, which act as their newest promotion platforms. As dynamism is fast emerging as an overpowering influence, businesses are revolutionizing the way they work. An increasing number of customers are adopting this new way of working and willingly interacting with businesses digitally. This has generated a plethora of user data on the Social Media platforms of businesses.

Tweets, comments, emails, feedback, and reviews are all valid and vital sources of business information that help organizations build strategies, plan promotions, augment revenue, and accelerate growth. With the emergence of AI, businesses have devised newer and more innovative uses for this massive volume of data that is available and accessible readily. AI consultants have invested their expertise in developing algorithms. When run on Social Media, data can help them not only identify user preferences but also accumulate user emotions. Mining these sentiments is a crucial game changer that has sparked interesting conversations around building better business intelligence.

Mining User Sentiments: Understanding the basics

Sentiment Analysis involves the process where AI Consultants India will analyze the mass of digital text available on the multiple digital platforms, by aggregating and categorizing them based on some pre-defined algorithms. It is an automated process primarily focused on acquiring objective insights.

The result of the analysis will help them identify the user sentiments as positive, negative, or neutral. Owing to the nature of the output, the process is also known as opinion mining. They use Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to obtain results. In the current business scenario, it is a widely utilize mechanism to derive insights to enhance customer service and augment brand value.

The Value of Business

AI consultants leverage the innovative mechanics of sentiment analysis to bring positive value to businesses. It is an intelligent way of using data to make a difference to your existing brand reputation. As an increasing number of organizations opt for this AI-driven technique, an organization’s products, and services are being scrutinized and analyzed more closely from the customer’s perspective. It helps businesses make positive changes in the way they position their service offerings and, in the process, enhance their brand value.

Sentiment Analysis helps you build better products and deliver improved services. It extracts keywords and assigns a sentiment score to each keyword. This helps to build a relative perception of human emotions that are expressed through the text that is being analyzed. This helps you form an objective insight into the keyword. This insight is devoid of any bias that could have developed when a review is being read or feedback is scoured, manually. You can now focus on improving the specific aspect of the product which has sparked the negative emotion.

Additionally, AI consultants help you as a business leader to improve your competitive advantage by analyzing customer opinions about your competitors. This has proven to help businesses improve their pricing strategies, making them more competitive. Sentiment Analysis uses real-time data for analysis. This helps to eliminate lag time in making decisions about product changes and address potential risk elements. AI consultants can also help you configure alerts to be triggered when negative sentiments are generated for certain keywords. All this aids in helping you develop a better product perspective based on real-time data-driven results.

Role of AI in Sentiment Analysis

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a pivotal role in sentiment analysis. It helps you leverage techniques like automated text processing and NLP to process, interpret, and understand digital text in the form of human language. Some of the other advantages that it levies on sentiment analysis include:

  • The ability of AI to interpret language variations including slang, colloquialism, and even unique cultural references helps you to accurately analyze sentiments in a context-specific way.
  • If your business is based across geographies, AI can help you analyze text in multiple languages. This inherent capability of AI to perform a multilingual Analysis is a definite advantage to help you develop value-added insights irrespective of the input source language.
  • Customers may have varied opinions about specific aspects of the same product. For example, you may have received feedback on how your website has a great visual design but has a very poor response time.
  • AI can help you identify and analyze the sentiment associated with the specific aspect of response time and help you address that bit. This detailed granularity helps you develop significant insights for an improved product portfolio.

Accolades and Brickbats: Building Public Perception

When you host your business on social media, you are opening your doors to public opinion. It is a free space where your customers can comment, review, and message you. Also, as your business decisions will be based on inputs received through these feedback channels, you must build a public perception that works in your favor instead of against it.

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Sentiment Analysis plays a significant role in helping you mold a positive public opinion about your organization. The mechanisms it uses can be as listed:

Sentiment analysis is all about curating customer emotions about your product or service. Identifying individuals, groups, or institutions who post positive sentiments about your business regularly can help you leverage them as your brand advocates. Engaging them to promote positive opinions about your business may help to elevate your brand status in public thought.

  • Building Impact through Marketing Campaigns

Evaluating your marketing and promotional campaigns may help you measure the sentiments that are in favor of your business. Comparing them with those that were evaluate before running the campaign helps you analyze the impact your campaigns have created in public memory.

  • Personalize to Garner Positive Opinion

Sentiment Analysis helps you collect sufficient inputs to tailor your brand messaging for specific audience groups. Customized promotions always help to build a positive perception of your brand in public memory.

  • Building Credibility for Perception Enhancement

Engaging with customer opinions helps you to analyze the feedback received and respond to it promptly and appropriately. This is a good way to ensure your business remains transparent and credible with your target audience. A credible and trustworthy organization always ensures that people perceive it with positivity.