How to choose the best above ground pool for your backyard

The most pleasant leisure time in summer is sunbathing and swimming in the warm water. If you do not have a pond, lake, or sea, a perfect replacement is a swimming pool. The variety of pools is so broad that you can easily find a swimming pool for every backyard and any weather conditions. Two main types of pools are above ground and inground pools.

If you are not a fan of excavation activities and are considering a possible change of pool location, read this article discussing choosing the best above ground pool.

A swimming pool is not only a bathing construction; you should also care for water circulation, filtration, and cleaning systems. So, before purchasing a swimming pool, you should evaluate many factors to find the best solution for your backyard. This article guides the essential steps in your research activities.

Essential steps to consider while choosing the pool

The following steps describe the questions you should ask yourself before purchasing.

Check your budget

The crucial aspect of choosing the swimming pool is the price. Therefore, it would help if you determined what your budget is. If you have only one or two hundred dollars, you need to find a simple solution, like a small inflatable pool.

You can check the frame pools if you want to make a more considerable investment. Inside each pool type, there are pools of different brands, materials, and sizes.

All these factors determine the price, but at the first step, you need to understand the luxury or budget solution you are looking for. Still, you need to buy a filter, a pump, and wall cleaner devices (some small inflatable pools do not need chemicals or a filter).

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Check the possible location

Water duck toys placed at the edge of a swimming pool

The backyard landscape is another crucial parameter in choosing the pool. All above ground pools should be installed on horizontal flat ground to prevent damage to the pool; the best choice will be a sand cushion. Uneven ground creates excess pressure and can cause damage to the pool structure.

The pool should be installed remotely from open fire/ grills, trees, bushes, power lines, or other damaging structures. If you use some electric equipment, you need the available electrical outlet in the backyard. The free place for pool installation should be more significant than the desired pool size for installation and maintenance.

Determine swimming period

If you live in a cold region with a short summer, you need to use a heater to warm water up to a comfortable temperature – 77-82 degrees F (25-28 degrees C). Unfortunately, inflatable pools do not keep warm water for long; you need at least a cover to extend the time while the water is warm.

Otherwise, the electricity bills will be enormous. Another situation is if you only want to use a swimming pool occasionally, during family gatherings, on an extremely hot day, or are simply short of space. In this case, you must choose the quickly assembled and disassembled model.

Determine the number of swimmers

swimmers in the  swimming pool

The number of swimmers at the same time determines the size of the pool. Also, you should consider the type of activities in the pool. For games, a round pool will be good; swimming in a square pool is a better option.

If you buy a pool for small kids, you obviously need to choose a model with low depth to prevent drowning. Even though all swimming activities should be performed only with adults’ presence.

Choose the pool type

After you have the initial list of requirements, you can go further and choose the pool type, its manufacturer, and the material of the pool. Some pool types are produced only by one Brand and have exclusive materials, which is why these aspects are combined in one point.

The following above ground pools are available on the market:

Inflatable pools

(Intex, Bestway, Googo, Summer Waves). The most affordable type of swimming pool, easy to maintain and install. For some models, you need only an air pump, and no filters are required, but for constant usage, you regularly need to empty, clean and refill the pool.

These pools are produced in different sizes and forms and with different depths. It is a perfect choice for summer-budget water activities. They are also easy to store as they do not require much space. But if you have pets or hobbies with sharp objects can be easily damaged.

Steel Frame pools

(Intex, Coleman, Bestway). Steel frame pools are more durable and can be produced not only from PVC as inflatable pools but also from plastic, vinyl, and even resin. These pools usually are larger and deeper. Correspondingly, for these pools, you need a proper filtration system with a pump and chemical treatment for healthy water conditions. Most frame models, such as the Intex metal frame swimming pool come with a built-in cartridge or a sand filter.

Also, several times per week, you need to scrub pool walls of algae, bacteria, and other residues. That is why the purchase of a pool cleaner might be helpful. These pools are more expensive than inflatable ones, mainly for owners who plan to leave the pool for the whole year, as some models take work to disassemble.

Hybrid pools

(Steel or resin frame) (Magnus, Coronado, Wilbar). These pools consist of steel and resin components. They have all the advantages of steel and resin pools and their disadvantages.

Semi-inground pools

(partly buried pools) – a new type of pool, have thick walls and are installed constantly for the whole year usage. The most expensive type of pool, close to the in-ground pools but more accessible in installation. This review does not recommend these models, as they have fewer advantages than inground pools, but the cost is similar.


As you see, choosing an above ground swimming pool is a multi-stage process, where you first need to estimate all requirements, possibilities of your background, and budget, and only then choose the Manufacturer and required type of pool. There are market leaders in each category of swimming pools with excellent characteristics. So no matter the inflatable pool or steel frame, you will definitely enjoy the summer!