Dark Green Wall Colors By Benjamin Moore & Sherwin Williams

The dark green wall color is the perfect mixture of bold and elegant as it gives depth and drama to the place while also being subtle in doing so. This color is natural and creates a welcoming appeal to the area while being a statement in itself.

Dark green color can be used in multiple ways, like accent walls and living room decor; the options are endless. Two trustworthy brands that have a wide variety of shades in terms of green are Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. In this article, you can explore some of the most beautiful shades of dark green from these two brands.

The Best Dark Green Paint Colors By Benjamin Moore

Best Dark Green Paint Colors By Benjamin Moore

Without a doubt, Benjamin Moore Paints will endure the effects of the environment for a considerable amount of time without losing their color intensity or consistency. We have mentioned some of the best Benjamin Moore dark green paint colors below:

Hunter Green: This is a very versatile shade of dark green by Benjamin Moore, as it goes well with almost every other color. Hunter Green is perfect for dining rooms and living rooms. For a dramatic, clean aesthetic, use this as an accent color on your wall and match it with white trim, doors, or cabinets.

Benjamin Moore Hunter Green

Essex Green: This is one of the darkest shades of green offered by Benjamin Moore and is sometimes considered to be black due to its undertone. However, it is a gorgeous shade of green often used for accent walls, cabinets, and such parts of the house. The olive undertones in Essex green Benjamin Moore bring out the structure of any surface it is used on.

Benjamin Moore Essex Green

Gondola Ride: This shade of dark green color has blue and grey undertones, which make it very cool and elegant, perfect for home offices, home libraries, book cabinets, and such. One of the colors that look best with this shade of dark green by Benjamin Moore is white, which provides the perfect contrast and addition of brightness and complements this color very well.

Benjamin Moore Gondola Ride

Absolute Green: This beautiful paint color has blue and teal undertones that can make a statement without getting in your face. This is the perfect shade of dark green if you want something bold yet elegant.

Benjamin Moore Absolute Green

Black Forest Green: This one is the darkest shade of green mentioned in this list but looks very beautiful when used in the right way. This is a gradational hue that blends well in most house structures. Black Forest Green looks best on external doors and cabinetry with light-colored wood trim. You can use this color to make an accent wall in the living room, in a bedroom, or in a bathroom for a moodier look. It is advisable that you pair this shade with lighter colors to establish balance in the space.

Benjamin Moore Black Forest Green

Salamander Benjamin Moore: This is one of the most popular shades of dark green by Benjamin Moore because of its blue undertones and provides just the right amount of vibrancy to the room without being over the top. The deep dark shade is just perfect for accent walls and rooms with ample natural lighting so that the green shade pops out.

Benjamin Moore Salamander

Benjamin moore black forest green is a deep, muted green with brown undertones. Essex green is darker, richer, and more intense, with a classic forest-like hue.

benjamin moore black forest green and benjamin moore essex green
Color difference between benjamin moore black forest green and benjamin moore essex green

Top Dark Green Paint Colors By Sherwin Williams

Dark Green Paint Colors By Sherwin Williams

Sherwin-Williams latex paints are incredibly durable, dry rapidly, and easy to manage. They are simple to clean, with the help of just soap and water. Following are some of the best Sherwin Williams deep green paint colors:

SW Ripe Olive: Ripe olive by Sherwin Williams is a sophisticated and bold color that will look great in well-lit places. It quite literally resembles the name ripe olive because of its similarity of color with the fruit. This neutral shade of dark green can occasionally have a unique look because of its blue and grey undertones, which has been earning it quite a lot of praise in the home decor industry.

Sherwin Williams Ripe Olive

Hunter Green Sherwin Williams: This is one of the most popular shades of dark hunter green by Sherwin Williams. Someone who has an eye for paint colors will be able to style this color in a home setting quite easily. If you want to have a statement wall in your living room without it being something in your face, then hunter green will do the trick. This color is elegant, sophisticated and yet, doesn’t fail to make a statement.

Sherwin Williams Hunter Green

Sherwin Williams Black Evergreen: This is one of the most beautiful shades of green from Sherwin Williams and looks impressive when put in the right setting. It tends to be slightly more greyish-black in some lighting, but when exposed to natural light, it is obviously a dark forest green.

Sherwin Williams Black Evergreen

Sherwin Williams Courtyard: One of the most beautiful shades of dark green and our personal favorites is the Courtyard by Sherwin Williams. This color not only looks good on the walls but also complements the structure of cabinets and woodwork around the house as well. This shade of dark is a beautiful and safe choice if you want to include this color in your home.

Sherwin Williams Courtyard

Other Popular Dark Green Paint Colors

Popular dark green paint colors

The best stylish dark green paint colors from different brands.

Benefits Of Dark Green Wall Paint Colors

Dark green paint colors have been gaining a lot of popularity in the interior design industry because of their natural and fresh appearance and many other perks. It is also a very versatile color when it comes to pairing it with other colors as well as using it in different parts of the house. To help you make up your mind about this color, we have listed some of the undeniable benefits of dark green wall colors below:

It Is A Natural & Soothing Color: Green is frequently connected to nature and is said to relax the body and mind. You may foster a tranquil and soothing ambience in your bedroom by painting the walls a shade of green.

Natural and Soothing Dark Green Colors

Works Well In Most House Styles: Dark green is a color that can be used in every type of house, whether it is a modern rustic style house, a vintage house, a minimalist house, and many more. This color can bring out the architectural beauty of all kinds of places and make them look very timeless and unique.

Dark green house

It Is A Versatile Color: Dark green can usually be used in practically every room of the house, looks good with most of the colors out there, and is quite adaptable. It looks fantastic with a soft blue, crimson, off-white, or dark pink.

Versatile dark green paint

Artistic And Creative: Using dark green wall color is a very bold and creative choice and will earn you a lot of praise. However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to style this color in their home despite its versatility. Hence, it needs a bit more creativity and effort to create the perfect look in the home with dark green color by pairing it with the right shades of other colors and the right kind of furniture.

Paint Colors That Compliment Dark Green Wall Colors

Ivory White & Green

Ivory White and Green combination

White is one of the best colors to pair with dark green if you want to create a sophisticated vibe in your home. The color combination can be used in almost every part of the house to establish different vibes. A dark green accent wall in the living room will look very beautiful and create a welcoming environment. Using white and dark green patterns on the bedroom walls will make for a fun and relaxing space due to the soothing qualities of the green color and the vibrancy of white.

Pink & Green

Pink and green combination

There are numerous shades of pink that will look great with dark green. The shade of pink you want to pair with green depends on what kind of look you want to create in any part of the house. For example, pairing rose pink with dark green will be an excellent idea for the bedroom, and a bold shade of pink like magenta paired with dark green will be the best choice for an accent wall in the living room. You can also incorporate pink as the color of the furniture in a dark green room to make it look more fun and creative.

Gold & Green

Gold and Green combination

Gold is lavish, bold, creative and fun, especially when paired up with dark green. The combination of these two colors will look great in any part of the house and will create an elegant and sophisticated yet bold look in the place. You can use gold furniture to make the look more subtle while also making a statement with this color combination.

Blue & Green For A Serene Look

Blue and green interior design

The combination of green and blue has always been a hit and rarely goes out of style; hence, it is perfect for people who want a calm and composed environment in their home. As both of these colors are calming, they will be perfect for creating a welcoming vibe in the home. This color combination is also very suitable for bedrooms because of its calming qualities and creative look. There are thousands of ways in which you can use these two colors together in your home, like having blue walls and a green ceiling or blue furniture with the green wall color; the possibilities are endless.

The Final Takeaway

Dark green interior

As you have read, dark green is a gorgeous color that can look good with almost all kinds of colors and make your place look welcoming and attractive. The calming nature of the green color is another reason why it is such a favorite in the home decor industry. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are two of the most trusted brands for paint colors, and they also have a wide variety of shades when it comes to dark green paint. Hence, you can find a plethora of shades to find one that will fit perfectly according to your tastes and preferences.

There are countless ways to use dark green wall colors in your home, and we hope you found the one for your home in this article. However, if you didn’t, it is okay to experiment and find out what suits your taste and preference because this is supposed to be a fun process to help you add some personality and character to your house according to your choices. Have fun decorating your house with this beautiful and versatile color!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is dark green a calming color?

If you frequently experience nervousness or anxiety, thinking about having this color around you may help you feel more at ease. The color dark green is natural and elegant, which is assumed to be the cause of its relaxing impact on most people.

2. What shade of dark green colors should I use in my living room?

For a coordinated design, you can try matching the dark green paint in your living room with light green curtains, toss pillows, or a green accent wall in a different shade that complements the dark green shade. You can also balance dark green rugs with neutral hues like beige, grey, or white because they can be dramatic. This will facilitate the improvement of the living room’s harmony.

3. What is the most popular shade of green for 2023?

Sage green has been a popular color in home decor for a while, and it doesn’t appear to be going out of style anytime soon, so if you’re seeking to update your home with a trendy color, it’s definitely one to think about.

4. What type of color is dark forest green?

Dark forest green shade is a combination of three shades of green. It has a gorgeous dark green wash and a nearly black overall tint. This is a stunning shade of green for creating a sombre texture around the house.