Boutique Elegance at Home: A Guide on Making Your Closet Stylish and Chic

boutique closet

Boutique closet

Who says that closets have to be boring? As a fashion-forward person, you probably appreciate a luxurious and elegant clothing boutique. What do you think about bringing a bit of that lux boutique feel to your own closet? 

We have several great tips to help you transform your closet into an ultra-glam and chic, aesthetically pleasing space. Read on to discover how to make your closet look like a boutique.

Crown molding

If you want to elevate the look of your closet, and make it a bit more refined, installing crown molding is a great solution. Crown molding is a pretty inexpensive and easy to DIY project. Visit a local home improvement store, and get the crown molding that you like.

After that, you’ll need to paint or stain the molding and finally install it with a nail gun. You’ll see the instant change. Your closet will be transformed with just that small installation. Crown molding has the power to elevate just about any space, including your closet.

Add an accent wall

Regardless of how large or small your closet is, you can add a bold touch with an accent wall. An accent wall will give interest to any space without being too overwhelming. You’ve probably seen how boutiques use accent walls, so you can recreate something like that yourself.

If you want to recreate an accent wall look, choose a wall that has the least shelves on it. This is how you’ll make the greatest impact. To make a wall really stand out choose a bold paint color or a nice wallpaper that will compliment the rest of your closet.

For example, if your closet furniture is white, you can paint an accent wall in navy or deep green for a nice contrast.

Incorporate an island or a table

You might have noticed that most boutiques have a table where they display different types of clothing. If you have space, you can do something similar in your closet.

You can add an island that will add both more counter space and more storage.

If an island is too large for your closet space, you can bring in a console table or a simple coffee table. On it, you can display your favorite sweaters, jewelry, or anything you want.

Statement rug is a great idea

Another great way to make your closet look like a lux boutique is to add a statement rug. The kind of rug, its shape, and size will mostly depend on you. The texture of your rug will add dimension and interest to your closet.

You can also play around with the rug pattern, or you can stick to solid colors. All in all, bringing a rug to your closet can add dimension and warmth and it can make it look more like a boutique.

Vertical shoe display

If you want your closet to look like a high-end boutique, take out all the shoe racks you have in there. What you need are vertical shelves that will give you that high-end look you’re going for. Additionally, you can also make a shoe wall if you have enough space.

Once you have the shelves installed, you can arrange your shoes by color. Or you can organize them according to type – sandals with sandals, boots with boots, and so on.

Simply, find a good organizational plan. The vertical shelving will allow you to have a better look at your shoes. Another tip is to add shoe shape holders to elevate the whole shoe display.

Full body mirror

What’s a clothing boutique without a big full-body mirror? If your goal is to infuse boutique elegance into your closet, you should add a mirror as well.

Again, the size of the mirror will depend on the size of the closet. Ideally, you want a full-body mirror that is leaning against the wall. However, you can adjust the size of the mirror according to the size of your closet. 

Just imagine how many great selfies you’ll be able to make in your closet with a good mirror.

Add lighting features

Closets are usually spaces with little and very poor lighting. To make sure that your closet looks like an upscale boutique, you should ensure that there is plenty of light in there. Light can impact the look and feel of any space, so be intentional with it.

You can add drama and elegance to your closet with an intricate glass chandelier. You can also completely transform your closet by adding LED strip lights under your shelves. Not only will this instantly make your closet look like a boutique but it will also improve the lighting in the closet.

Clothing rack and velvet hangers

One thing that all boutiques have are clothing racks. And not just basic metal racks, but those nice aesthetically pleasing, heavy-duty clothes racks.

So, you should get one for your closet, too. They are also great if you have limited space because some types of clothing racks also come with bottom shelves. Clothing racks can also make your clothing more accessible.

While you’re looking for nice clothing racks, you should also look for clothes hangers. In a luxury boutique, they pay attention to every detail, including hangers.

You should also invest in some good quality clothes hangers. For example, wooden hangers are always a good option. But if you don’t like that look, you can opt for velvet hangers.

Velvet hangers are not as expensive and they look really nice. Not to mention that they make your clothing look good as well.

Clear and interesting storage 

Clear storage boxes are a perfect way to display your accessories and keep them tidy at the same time. Many boutiques use chic clear acrylic storage, so, you can too. 

You can also choose other types of storage boxes. You can opt for woven baskets, gold wire baskets, or plain canvas baskets, whatever best works in your closet.


To complete your closet, you should consider adding some sort of seating. A bench or a nice chair can give you that boutique look you’re going for. Plus, having seating in your closet is convenient when you’re putting shoes or heels on.

Bottom Line

Your closet space can look like a boutique with these couple of tips. Of course, you don’t need to complete all of them to turn your closet into a luxury boutique. Simple changes such as adding a mirror, better lighting, and new hangers can make a significant change.