AI Voice Service Can Answer Phones, Take Orders 2024

Many restaurants have found that there have been some challenges for some time. They are beginning with the outbreak and continuing to face staff shortages, supply chain challenges, and a growing demand for speedy, accessible, low-touch services.

Growing demand for takeout delivery has led more establishments to join with delivery companies–an alternative that comes with the cost of a hefty price. Not wanting to incur extra delivery charges and increased food costs, most consumers still hesitate to order food on the phone.

Automating the process with the help of an AI voice service on the phone has revolutionized fast food service and fast-casual restaurants. This could soon lead to increasing restaurants providing sit-down services and takeaway ordering.

AI Voice Assistant technology is planning to aid restaurants by helping them reduce phone calls. Delivery services say they’ll utilize a blend of human beings and AI to process orders over the phone. It’s expected to increase orders and, consequently, more significant revenues. This should result in more orders and, therefore, higher revenue.

AI can handle most tasks, particularly at peak hours, with staff members on hand to help if the customer requires additional assistance. 

The AI can even be educated to suggest items typically compatible with specific orders. This might or may not be an attractive selling point to those who aren’t.

From recommendations for food, quick reservations, and navigation to cooking optimization, tableside help, and customer service, an AI voice assistant can be essential to any restaurant.

Benefits Of Voice AI Services For Restaurants

The restaurant voice assistant is the most modern software incorporating voice recognition technologies. Its primary goal, AI algorithms, is to make ordering more accessible by using voice commands. 

Due to their precise and rapid human speech processing, the programs will help improve the performance of one eatery and an entire chain. We’ll take more time to look into the benefits offered by the AI-powered software.

Simple And Easy Set-Up

An AI voice-controlled telephone ordering system that works seamlessly into the current POS system offers restaurants the most seamless and effortless experience. 

Using a voice assistant, there is no need to train staff for hours on telephone etiquette, menu information, payment collection, and branding voice.

In contrast, the voice assistant has been trained to have a positive outlook. Restaurant owners can change the menu when there are modifications, and the voice assistant is instantly knowledgeable about all items on the menu.

 Simple and swift installation and eliminating any need for training can save restaurateurs time and cash while easing stress.

Improved Productivity Of Restaurants

The proportion of online purchases will grow and reach 27.5 percent by 2024. This means that restaurants will face more significant challenges due to an overflow in order management. 

This is when an AI ordering system steps in to help. Voice ordering allows businesses to prevent employees from becoming overloaded due to repeated jobs or during peak hours. 

The staff can switch their focus on customer satisfaction and then deal with other tasks, creating new possibilities for business growth.

Improved Customer Experience

AI voice assistants provide new pleasant communication environments by using Natural Language Processing as a primary capability.

With this feature, they can fully comprehend every customer’s request and translate human communication correctly.

In addition, this approach is more straightforward for clients as the AI Phone Answering Services handles orders via a conversational method. 

Today, various jobs, like answering customers’ questions, handling reservations, or even processing orders, are now possible using a focus on individualization. 

The functionality of this advanced AI ordering system doesn’t stop with that. Customers will also get useful ideas based on their preferences, previous orders, or even their allergies.

Eliminate Hold Time

Starving people are irritable during the ordering of food and pickup procedure, so being placed on hold will only annoy and often a decision to drop the order at an alternative restaurant that can hate the phone. 

By using a conversational AI telephone order system for QSRs, restaurants and fast-casual restaurants won’t be forced to decide between taking calls and serving customers in the shop or accepting an order over the phone. This ensures the food will be prepared to be high-quality and fast.

A voice-activated assistant responds to each phone call within the first ring and takes every order without holding the customer.

The superior quality of this service, the conversational AI, adds value to QSRs and fast-casual eateries in establishing trust and online reviews.

Since phone orders are increasingly the primary source of income, QSRs can’t afford to lose any phone calls by putting their customers on hold.

Profit Increase And Cost Savings

Voice assistants can help users avoid long queues and wait times, improving restaurant sales. Restaurant ordering systems can handle many orders through the phone system, website app, and chatbot, and they are available anytime. 

Restaurant chains and understaffed establishments will be able to prevent missed calls or losing customers. AI-based capabilities can lead to significant improvements in cost reduction worldwide due to eliminating manual errors. 

Furthermore, an order tracking feature can help identify patterns within daily orders. This can increase inventory management while also reducing the cost of loss.

Use Cases Of AI Voice Service In Restaurants

It’s time to shift from words to actions. We will look at ways AI technology will give every customer an individual experience. Also, it will enhance the ambiance of the whole establishment by using future real-world use cases.

Menu Navigation And Suggestions

Utilizing voice commands, customers can navigate restaurant menus faster. Voice AI can also record customers’ orders, allowing customers to order and give valuable suggestions while considering the client’s tastes, allergies, and other essential elements.

Reservations And Ordering

AI algorithms were created to alleviate staff pressure to take reservations and orders. Ultimately, the risk of losing customers because of an extended wait or even a mishap with an order is drastically reduced.

Kitchen Optimization

Chefs can receive data about recipes through kitchen appliances powered by AI within minutes, making it easier to speed up cooking while reducing the chance of making mistakes. 

Other options, such as inventory management, recipe search, and other kitchen tasks operated by voice commands, are a major factor in increasing staff efficiency.

Ordering Takeout

The voice assistant can be added to an establishment’s drive-thru, intercom web-based application, or website for a more enjoyable takeout experience. QSRs with Answering Services For Restaurants can reduce waiting times, especially during peak hours, and improve order accuracy.

Tableside Assistance

Technology that uses voice can help improve the dining experience for customers at a restaurant. Customers can use AI-powered devices to obtain information on their meals, make payments, or perform other functions without the assistance of servers.


With support for multiple languages, the AI system using voice technology can communicate with patrons from all over the world, which improves the performance not only for one restaurant but for all chains. Apart from clear communications and a dependable voice assistant, it is available 24/7.

Feedback & Customer Service

Quick and easy options of AI’s fast and convenient options: The AI system allows restaurant owners to get customer feedback to increase customer interaction and improve overall service. AI can also give all the information needed about menus and delivery and respond to customer questions.

Are AI Phone Answering Services Worth It?

To better understand whether AI telephone answering software is a worthwhile investment for your establishment, you should look closely and be honest to see your current needs. 

If the phone remains silent, it may not be the best choice. If, however, your phone is a bit quiet, and you’re trying to make it more so through something such as a brand rebranding or rebranding, it’s possible that an 

An AI phone system could prove to be an enormous asset for your restaurant when new clients contact you. Customers would see your establishment as contemporary and efficient, as you’ll never miss an opportunity due to lost or missed calls, which could drive up sales and growth.

AI will benefit your restaurant if the phone rings when you turn it on. AI technology can take over numerous incoming calls from your establishment’s customers and allow your staff to focus on providing superior service for them instead.

Final Thoughts

The advancements made in artificial intelligence have led to substantial improvements in the performance of speech recognition technology in the last few years. 

Thanks to smartphones and other gadgets, Integrate AI Voice Assistant technology has landed in the lives of millions. Today, AI-based voice solutions are growing in recognition in the food industry.

Numerous giants in the food service sector benefit from the latest technology to realize the potential of their operations. 

From the simple process of automating orders and eliminating mistakes to a rise in restaurant turnover and profit, the voice assistant is now a change agent in business expansion. 

It is safe to predict that more establishments will soon prefer this revolutionary technology. 

Additionally, AI algorithms will improve with time, resulting in the unreplaceable nature of voice technology in one form or another.