8 Tips to Look Good in Wedding Photos

To better remember the important event called a wedding, you will, most likely, invite a photographer. So that the result does not disappoint you, you will have to take into account a lot and work hard. Like it or not, the final result depends on you no less than on the chosen photographer. Here are a few recommendations that you should consider so that the money given to the photographer is not wasted. 

1. A good photographer

You do a great job of finding a wedding photographer on the Internet, interviewing friends, and studying photos from their weddings. When choosing a photographer, you need to listen only to your inner voice. After all, if it’s not the one you really wanted to invite, but the one whom friends or parents somehow imposed on you, there is a risk that later you will regret for a very long time that you decided to save money. 

If you don’t listen to your intuition and insist on your choice, in your album, there will be not what you dreamed about, the wrong emotions are captured for the rest of your life. And the saddest thing, this cannot be fixed. There are a lot of wedding photographers now, a little patience – and you will definitely find someone who meets your goals.

When reviewing a photographer’s portfolio, keep the following in mind. The portfolio often includes 2-5 photos from each wedding (2-5 from one, from another, etc.). Almost anyone can get a couple of decent photos in a day. Therefore, it is highly desirable to ask to bring to the meeting, as an example, one wedding in full.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when talking on the phone with a photographer. Do not ask for the exact cost of services. All this is learned only at meetings. At best, you can find out the price range in which the photographer works. But do not expect an absolutely accurate price. You can ask about what technique the photographer uses, but again, this is not a decisive moment. This is, of course, important, but the most important thing is that you like their work.

2. Don’t be stingy

Photos are the only thing that will refresh the emotions and memory of your wedding, can you imagine? Many years will pass, you will have children, you will change a few cars or even move to another country. And the only thing that can resurrect the feelings and experiences of the best day of your life is photos. 

Are you ready to take a risk, save a little on this and get disappointing pictures?! Pictures that you will not only joylessly review but also show to your children? It is important that when viewing, you not only remember how you looked but re-experience all the exciting and touching moments of the celebration. So that you smile again, remember the smell and touches, so that the pictures of the holiday float and feelings come to life in you.

Alas, now everyone who has a SLR camera at their disposal considers themselves a professional photographer, this explains the large number of proposals for wedding photography. As a result, many newlyweds remain dissatisfied with the pictures they receive from the photographer after the wedding – the wrong angles, bad moments, and so on. To avoid this, it is better to contact trusted photographers who have proven themselves in professional circles, even if their fee is somewhat higher, the result will be much higher. 

3. If you have ideas – tell about them

It is recommended to suggest in advance where you want to walk and what kind of photos you want to get. See if the photographer took it or not. And, of course, if in the process of studying the information, you noticed a few frames that you really liked, then save, remember, and write down the ideas to discuss later with your master. It is very useful just before shooting or in advance at a meeting to show the photographer your old photos that you yourself love very much, maybe this is your special turn of the head, maybe something else so that the person understands what you want from them.

4. Sleep

The newlyweds, angry from lack of sleep and technical overlays, are not the best subject for photography. Plus, bags under the eyes, a general tired look, red eyes, etc. It will be extremely difficult to get joyful and happy, no matter how you or the photographer want it. Therefore, try 8 hours before the makeup artist arrives, spit on all the imperfections and go to bed.

5. Professional makeup artist

Makeup does wonders, and good makeup artists are like magicians. Do not skimp on their services, and listen to their advice. They will help you look your best and keep you in a good mood throughout the day. In addition, makeup from a professional not only emphasizes your strengths but also hides flaws, lasts longer, and looks brighter. In cases of makeup and hair, the trial is extremely important. It will help you understand what and how to do, and on the holiday itself, you will shine with dazzling beauty.

And one more important point: do not experiment with unfamiliar cosmetics before the wedding! A wedding is not a time for experiments. You do not need unexpected allergies, rashes, and other troubles that spoil your mood. You already have enough reasons to worry, and surprises with cosmetics should not be included there.

6. Avoid glitter

The most important of the possible mistakes is the use of shiny makeup. Such makeup is incompatible with photography. Such makeup can look great in real life, at a disco, but it can ruin half of your future photo album. Agree in advance that the hairdresser will not use hairspray containing glitter. In life, they shimmer and sparkle beautifully. 

And in the photo – very similar to dandruff. At the wedding itself, be sure to have a small beauty bag with you. The most necessary items in it are wet wipes and powder to eliminate the shine of the skin, lipstick, or lip gloss.

7. Photoshop is not a magic wand

Don’t take Photoshop as a magic wand, it’s just a tool, no better or worse than a tripod. Indeed, it can remove a couple of pimples on the face, a stain of dirt on a dress, or a wastebasket in the background, but you should not rely on retouching. 

Technically, this is much more difficult than fixing a flaw when shooting and, as a result, more expensive. Here again, it is worth noting that you do not need to save on a make-up artist because it helps a lot to avoid unnecessary retouching.

8. Don’t worry, be happy

Don’t take photography too seriously. Leave all the seriousness at the stage of preparation for it, and at the photo shoot itself, be as liberated as possible. Forget everything, just be with each other. This is your day. Enjoy. 

A competent photographer will choose the right shooting angle and give advice. Don’t try to pose. Be natural. If you are not a professional actress or model, it will be very noticeable in the photo that you felt out of your element. Just relax and forget about everything. You have been preparing and striving for this day for more than one month, so enjoy it.