4 Simple Ideas for Protecting the Environment

Every day we hear more and more about the state of the environment. Climate change, pollution, soil depletion, and more—a series of problems brought on by human beings. But whatever humans can ruin, they can also take steps to restore. While there’s no simple one-time solution to fixing the environment, individuals can take small steps as well as more substantial ones to help the earth. Here are four simple ideas for protecting the environment, most of which you can apply to your local community. Every little bit helps!

Get Educated

It’s true—we’re inundated with information, on the internet and elsewhere. But not every piece of information is true or can be trusted. That’s why you should go to a trusted source like the EPA website. The EPA serves an important role in protecting the nation’s (and by extension the earth’s) environmental health. The EPA offers multiple resources online about how to help protect your part of the country and what you can do to preserve the future.

Compost Contributions

It’s hard to believe, but there’s something rather elegant and beautiful about rot. Rot is the breakdown of organic materials into nutrient-rich soil. Compost your fruits and vegetables, eggshells, unbleached paper products, and coffee grounds. If your city or village doesn’t offer composting with weekly trash pickups, petition your town to set up a program. In the meantime, a composting bin in your backyard can serve just as well and will nourish your own garden.

Buy Local

More than likely, there’s a farmer’s market in your town. Buy your fresh produce there rather than at the store. Local products require less gas to transport and don’t require more trucks on the highway releasing gas into the atmosphere. You’re supporting one of the best things about our culture as well: independent farmers and their families. Also, spend more on local businesses than on chain stores. Keeping money in the community can help it thrive as well.

Board Your Bike!

Here’s the last of our four simple ideas for protecting the environment. If you need to get somewhere that isn’t too far away or are running an errand that doesn’t require hauling heavy objects, consider getting there by bicycle. Bicycling helps reduce vehicular emissions, which means less strain on the atmosphere and local plant life and cleaner, fresher smelling air. Bicycling can also help you clean up your act in terms of exercise and getting plenty of cardio. Part of helping your community involves staying healthy!